Glycolic Acid Pads

The alpha-hydroxy-acid in glycolic acid pad protects us from skin aging. It is extracted from glycolic acid which is derived from sugar cane. It has the largest bioavailability so it can penetrate the epidermis easily. Glycolic acid pad has the ability to remove the dead skin cells and sebum that remains on the skin.

It can be used to tone up the skin so that the aging signs on the skin including fine lines, and wrinkles can be removed. It enhances the appearance of the skin by easing skin problems such as acne, darkening of the skin, and others. After applying the glycolic acid pad, the chemicals will react with the upper part of the skin layer by loosening the binds which holds the dead skin cells. In this way, the dead cells can be easily removed from the skin surface. Besides, it is used to remove the built up of dirt from moisturizer, and make up.

There are many types of glycolic acid pads in the market. Popular brands include Glytone, DDF, Serious Skin Care, Glycolic Elite, Topix, MD, and Nordic. In addition, it has a different numbers of pads, and percentage of glycolic acid combinations to suit different users’ needs. Recommended glycolic acid pad products include DDF glycolic 5 % daily cleansing pad, Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 15%, DCL Glycolic acid pads 20 – 50 pads, Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Corrections Pads, and MD Formulation Daily Peel Pads.

If your face has lots of acne and wrinkles, you can buy the pad with higher glycolic acid concentration. For people who suffer from mild skin conditions, they should use a pad with lower concentrated glycolic acid. If you use an inappropriate glycolic acid pad, it can lead to skin irritation. The glycolic pad with 8 – 12% of glycolic acid will produce the best result. It should not contain more than 13% of glycolic acid otherwise it will be harmful for the skin.

Glycolic acid pad can be purchased at a skin care store, cosmetic store, department store and online store. When buying a glycolic pad, it is important to keep in mind that expensive ones and cheap ones have almost the same ingredients. Therefore, you should always compare the ingredients before making a purchase. If you aren’t sure about the function of the ingredient, you can ask the sales representative. In addition, you should perform research on the internet to find out whether the glycolic pad is suitable for you. Some glycolic pad contains ingredients that can cause skin irritation. By reading reviews, you will know which brand of glycolic pad is best for your skin.