Glycolic Acid Peel for Dark Eye Circles

Why do we get dark circles under our eyes? They are a result of several causes such as excessive pigmentation which may be hereditary or it may be a case of melasma, which is particularly prominent in pregnant women and women who take oral contraceptives or undergo hormone replacement therapy The reduction in the amount of soft tissue may also result in dark eye shadows.

Will glycolic acid peels help dark eye circles? It really depends on your skin. If your dark eye shadows are the result of sun-exposure or melasma, glycolic acid and salicylic acid may be used to treat the under-eye area. A Jessner’s peel (which is a mixture of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid) may also be used.

They will help to reduce the amount of pigmentation and improve the rate of collagen production. However this should be used alongside common practices like getting sufficient rest, using the right moisturizers and using sun protection, especially sunscreen with elements like titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide.

The under eye area is rather sensitive because your skin tends to be much thinner there. As a result you are not advised to use high concentration glycolic peels or chemical peels for dark eye circle treatment. This also depends on your overall skin tone. If you have dark skin, it is not advised that you use glycolic peels for undereye circles as it may cause hyperpigmentation problems.

Generally, you might want to consider using glycolic lotions or creams specifically designed for dark eye rings instead. This is a much less invasive attempt to get rid of dark eye rings and may work better in the long run.