Glycolic Acid Peels – Before and After Pictures

Do glycolic acid peels really work? And to what extent do they help to change your skin’s appearance? These glycolic peel before and after pictures will give you a rough idea of how much glycolic acid peels can help you. Do bear in mind that some of the people in these pictures may have done several sessions of glycolic peels regularly or have underwent glycolic peels of higher concentrations. General peels that are 50% and above will give you faster and more noticeable results although low-level peels of 20% every week can solve most superficial skin problems. High level glycolic acid peels should be used for more severe problems like long-time acne scars or marks.

Without further ago, here are the before and after photos of people who have underwent glycolic acid peels.

This first picture shows the effects of a 40% glycolic acid peel.





And lastly, the effects of glycolic peels on aging skin and melasma/hyperpigmentation can be seen in the before and after picture below.



When we come across any more glycolic peels before and after pictures, we’ll be sure to post them on this page. We hope this proves to you the power and abilities of glycolic peels for rejuvenating your skin. If you’re still in doubt, you should try them for yourself. The benefits are often visible instantenously and you’ll love your new skin!